Full Body Sanitizing Booth

Eco Friendly

COVID 19 Product

-Durable construction for long term use, stainless steel frame with insulating panels used. No rust!
-Non-slip floor (Aluminium)
-Motion sensor activate spraying action via nozzles. Duration per spray, 5 seconds (Full body)
-Safe and effective sanitizer used. (Effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi – SANI 99)
-Av. of 400 sprays per 25L container (Bigger container available on request – 200L)
-Operates with 220V (12-volt battery backup - optional.)
-LED light included.
-Plug and play – Use directly after delivery.
-Optional: Hand sanitizing unit (Bolted on the side of the unit)
-Delivery period – 2 weeks
-Your courier to collect.