Welcome To Hospi Sterilizers

Hospi Sterilizers have already manufactured and installed in excess of 1000 new steam autoclaves ranging between
different models in our product range. (Bench-top models used by dentists, GP's, Laboratories. etc. and bigger units such
as the 160, 200, 400, 600 en 1200 liter autoclaves. mainly used in hospitals. We also make low temperature
Formaldehyde autoclaves available (65°C sterilization)

More About Us

Specialised Field Technicians Across The Country

Hospi have specialised field technicians across the country in order to render superb service to our clients.
We also make available Taylor made preventative maintenance contracts. We have maintenance contracts in place,
in Netcare / Medicross service level agreement. We also carry's complete stock of spares (All locally available),
for any type of steam sterilizer at very competitive prices. These spares are not only kept at our factory in Rosslyn but
also with our specialised field technicians in order to be in a "READY TO RESPOND" position once a "CALL OUT" is
registered. We are looking forward to do business with you!!